About Yaél:

I originally came to New York City from a little land called Israel, to explore and study music, but this extraordinary city had something else in store for me.
After struggling to find my niche, I stumbled upon a job, working for Manhattan based designer ‘Silvie Goldmark’. Operating her studio and all it entailed taught me a great deal about the business.

With this experience, having been self taught, and a few classes at FIT, I began to create my collection. All pieces are intuitively crafted, primarily using antique silver, pewter and sterling silver to accentuate the design. Each raw stone is hand picked, and all stones undergo a purification process, to cleanse them of unwanted energies.

I instinctively seek out naturally beautiful, rough/tumble stones and combine them with simplistic metal designs; or I set cut and raw delicate stones in hardy rough contemporary designs, creating crafts which are unique symbols of the perfect imperfection that’s found in nature!

Beside the raw beauty of gemstones, these gifts of nature have many other beneficial properties, and I strongly believe in their innate potential for healing and attunement. Most importantly I believe in the connection we have to all of nature. With music as my inspiration, you most likely experience the rhythm within each piece.

Enjoy my spiritual labor of love!

Yaél Avraham

Yaél's Jewelry
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